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Proud To Be An RACQ Approved Repairer.


How often should I contact you for an oil change?

This depends on the make and type of your vehicle. You can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for guidance in this aspect. Alternately, you can share relevant details about your vehicle’s make, age and type of use with our team and they will guide you on the required frequency of oil change to keep your vehicle functioning smoothly.

How can I find out about the maintenance schedule for my vehicle?

Whether you have a brand new vehicle or have been using it for a long time, scheduled maintenance is required to keep it in pristine condition. You can have your vehicle evaluated by our professional team of experts, who will then draw up a maintenance schedule with all the details of the different activities that have to be performed to keep it up and running.

Does my warranty hold if I do not stick to the recommended schedule for maintenance activities?

This depends on the type of warranty. Refer to the owner’s manual and receipts to confirm the terms and conditions of your vehicle’s warranties. You should keep a record of all the maintenance activities performed to date to ensure you can claim warranties when required.

Do you repair all types of cars?


Our complete vehicle repair and maintenance service caters for a number of manufacturers from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Germany. For a detailed list of the makes we repair, please consult our customer service team.

Why Chose Us?

We endeavour to provide high quality, reliable and consistent customer service to every one of our customers. We also pride ourselves on providing affordable and quality car service and mechanical repairs. Our professional team regularly upgrade their skills to ensure we provide you with the highest quality mechanical services.

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Our team at Lyons are dedicated professionals with years of experience. We strive to be up to date with regular industry training.

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Our customer reviews speak for themselves and our return customer base spans over decades.

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 We always use the best quality oils, lubricants, and spare parts for our customers.

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Your One-Stop Shop for all things Mechanical & Tyres

Lyons Mechanical & Tyres is equipped with the latest technology, excellent facilities and a team of professional mechanics to solve all your vehicle related issues.

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